Cast a line in Indian Lake and you’re hooked. Reel in a land-locked salmon from Blue Mountain Lake or fly fish the wildflower-lined waters of the Cedar River. Browse through this list of popular local fishing destinations or visit for more information. Licenses are required and can be purchased at the Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce now located at Byron Park, NYS Rte 28.

  • Indian Lake
  • Lewey Lake
  • Lake Abanakee
  • Lake Adirondack
  • Lake Durant
  • Blue Mountain Lake
  • Eagle Lake
  • Utowana Lake
  • Rock Lake
  • Rock River
  • Hudson River
  • Indian River
  • Sprague Pond
  • Bullhead Pond
  • Cedar River Flow
  • Cedar River
  • Tirrell Pond

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...Blue Mountain lake fishing:

and additional lakes in Hamilton County:

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